Thursday, April 17, 2008


I went shopping with my very own "personal shopper"... and my GOODNESS SHE'S GOOD!

It's Kristen Kaleal... I met her when we were taping a segment for "That's Life with Robin Swoboda" weekdays at 10 am on Fox 8.

Above, you can see the shock in my face due to the amount of $$$ I spent! (lol) - but the clothes are amazing! Here's why it was great - she made me try on things I wouldn't normally pick out and she was able to IMMEDIATELY spot clothes that fit my body and hid the things I wanted to HIDE! What a GREAT experience...

Rebecca Wilde even did a Fashion Exorcism with Kristen on Fox 8... check it out here:

Kristen also blogs and gives AMAZING advice on fashion for you! Check out some of her fun stuff here:

Wardrobe Mixology

CSI: Crimes of Style Investigation
Fashion Personality: Decoding Your Style DNA

Taming Your Closet Monkeys


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